About Us

The RIDE Resource Center is a collaboration between the Rhode Island Department of Education and DataSpark at the University of Rhode Island. Established in March 2021 with original financial support from the U.S. Department of Education's Statewide Longitudinal Data System Grant, the Resource Center supports districts and schools in the data collection and submission process. Through resources, trainings, and one-on-one appointments, we aim to improve data quality, data literacy, and ultimately collaboration between districts.

As an agency, RIDE’s core mission is to create an educational landscape that supports student learning. To achieve this mission, RIDE creates the conditions for LEAs to build and implement a world-class pre-K to 12 educational system that is rooted in rigorous standards, aligned curriculum and instruction, experiential learning opportunities, and ongoing assessment. RIDE bases its policy and programming decisions on the belief that all students can learn and develop as well-rounded individuals. To do this, RIDE sets high expectations for comprehensive social and emotional learning, the promotion of multilingualism, and the creation of pathways for students to identify and pursue strengths and interests. RIDE then partners with LEAs and schools to ensure they are well-equipped to meet these expectations, with the end goal of improving student learning.

DataSpark was founded to connect data and people, with the goal to inform, empower and inspire innovative decision-making. For over 25 years, DataSpark has been assisting policymakers in state and local governments, community leaders in nonprofits, and academic researchers with their analytical needs. DataSpark maintains and operates Rhode Island's Statewide Longitudinal Data System, also known as the RI DataHUB, which integrates and links data from multiple state agencies, local governments, and local non-profit organizations. DataSpark is particularly interested in applying its expertise in system development, analysis, and visualization to guide public policy and community action in ways that promote the economic and social well-being of all Rhode Islanders.

Meet Our Staff

Dana Brandt, Director, DataSpark

Santiago Guerrero, Strategic Data Fellow, RIDE

Rockwell Richards, Data Analyst, DataSpark

Cass Wilkinson Saldaña, Data Analyst, DataSpark