Frequently Asked Questions

How to Work with the RIDE Resource Center (RRC)

1. How do I contact the RRC?

There are multiple ways to contact the RRC--either through directly emailing us at, filling out our Feedback Form or through scheduling a virtual 1:1 meeting through our online scheduler.

2. Who is the RRC available to?

The RRC is geared towards any individual involved in the data processing pipeline--from those collecting the data, entering it into your SIS or other system, processing/auditing the data or transferring the data to RIDE. This could include: data managers or tech directors, secretaries, clerks or teachers, but this list is by no means exhaustive.

3. How do I submit a request for additional resources or support?

If you don't find what you're looking for on our site, please feel free to submit a request through our Feedback Form.

4. How do I submit an issue with the site-- such as a broken link or resource that is unable to be downloaded?

If you are having technical issues with the site or any of its functionality, please submit a request through our Feedback Form

5. When can I schedule a virtual appointment?

Anytime during the week, by request! If you'd like to schedule a virtual appointment, please use our online scheduler.


Data Collections and Supports

1. What RIDE data collections do you currently support?

The RRC offers resources and direct supports for the following collections moving into SY2021-22: Student Attendance, Educator Attendance, Program (including the Distance Learning Module), Teacher-Course-Student (TCS), Career and Technical Education (CTE), Individualized Learning Plan (ILP), Grade Earned, and Work Based Learning (WBL). Support for other collections is available upon request.

2. What data processing features do you currently support?

The RRC has created static PDF resources, as well as offers 1:1 virtual meetings, to support the following data processing features: Automated Data Transfer (ADT), Student Information System (SIS) specific issues, and CRDC federal reporting. Support for other areas of the data processing pipeline are available upon request.

3. Does the RRC plan to expand their supports and resources into other RIDE data collections or data processing areas?

Yes! Each school year, the RRC plans to expand our available supports to include additional collections as well as various data processing features.

4. What types of supports do you offer?

The RRC is constantly striving to provide as many relevant supports to our users. Currently, the RRC contains: downloadable PDF resources covering data collection codes and specifications; the ability to schedule 1:1 virtual appointments to work through real-time issues surrounding data collection, input, processing or transfer; SIS specific resources and communities of practice to support districts that utilize the same systems; group trainings (if scheduled in advance); and links to other RIDE resources and offices to answer any questions the RRC is unable to.